I'm trying hard to get this crap in here, but it's heavy and ugly....
...so, to keep you busy until the police release the moving van.... ;^)
Play with this a little (if it functions on this server) - you can press keys and play with the mouse, and if your mind is as shot as mine, then you will derive amusement, as well. ;^)

Have you forgotten what combination of settings made that old program work on your new Amiga?   Did you discover that an AGA game can actually be run on a well endowed 500?   Either way, this is the page for you!
Have you been frustrated by being unable to access attached files sent to your GeoCities account?   Fret no longer!   I have a solution!   Now you can finally use that important program, view that naughty picture, or read that perfect code example that was sent to you@geocities.com!   ;^)   Curious?   Well, here's the answer.
At least of you curious little devils have dropped in!

I'm not quite sure whose page they really saw, but the kind folks at Market Technologies felt this belonged here:

The plug: ;^)
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