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Amos PD CD 2

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The largest resource for Amos programmers ever has been created with the Amos PD CD. The Amos Public Domain library has been dedicated for years to building a resource for Amos programmers across the world. This compact disc contains the entire contents of the Amos PD Library and addtionally a resource of source code and extensions for Amos and Amos Pro.

Amos PD Disks 1 - 638
General PD Disks 1 - 255
(All Disks in DMS format)
134 LHA Amos Archives
Over 1,600 Amos Source Code Files
100 Sprite Banks & 250 CText Banks
350 Music Banks & 800 Samples
and many Amos & Amos ProExtensions.

The largest Amos Resource in the World.

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