Scala Multimedia

ScalaMM200 Box

The Scala Multimedia MM200 package contains everything that you'll need to produce your own dynamic multimedia presentations including:

Multimedia Art
Scala multimedia art is professionally designed and royality free.

Scala Backgrounds
The Scala package contains an extensive collection of professionally designed background pictures that can be used to help create your own eye catching presentations.

Animation and Anim clips
Cartoon and 3D animation will liven up your presentations.

Music & Sound Effects
You'll find a tune or sound effect for almost any occasion.

Scala Multimedia MM200

MMX Logo Whether you are creating business presentations or you work with multimedia on a professional level, Scala MM200 gives you the tools to create dynamic production with the impact of television.
Scala MM200 includes publishing features which allow you to prepare your presentations for distribution. All of the files contained within your presentation (fonts, images, sounds and animations) can be saved as a single file, allowing for easier archiving and redistribution via the Internet, CD-ROM or removable media.

MM200 Logo

Scala MM200 is a Windows 32bit native application and therefore only runs on Windows95 and Windows NT 4.0.

PB100 Box

VAR Vision Best New Product Award
VAR Vision, USA

MediaPlanet 1st Prize - Best Multimedia Software
MediaPlanet, Belgium

BYTE/Best of Comdex Award

Best Buy, Windows User Magazine
Windows User Magazine, Middle East

Multimedia Software Award
Video Uit & Thuis, The Netherlands

Innovation in Electronic Government Award
Government Computing, United Kingdom

Highly Recommended Award:
PC Graphics & Video, USA

Award of Excellence: DV Magazine, USA

Platina Award: PC Guia, Portugal

Best in Test Award: Datatid, Norway

Gold Award: PC Format, United Kingdom

Platinum Award: PC Answers, United Kingdom

Essential Award: PC Review, United Kingdom

Producto Recomendado: PC Actual, Spain

Editor's Choice: CG Computer Gazette, Italy

Best Buy Award: Windows Plus, United Kingdom

Best Buy Award: PC Guide, United Kingdom

Nomination - Best Interactive Application
Interactive Services Association's Award

Nomination - The Millennium Awards
Retail Vision, USA

Nomination - Platinum Award
AV Video, USA

Scala Publisher PB100

Create and publish your own MultiMedia Productions.

Scala Multimedia PB100 is multimedia made easy. This premier mulitmedia development solution offers an extensive features list, and is currently available for the PC and Amiga platforms. Scala Publisher PB100 makes multimedia development easy for everyone. Creating presentations is as easy as clicking the mouse button! Combine graphics, clipart, animations, text, CD-quality music and sound effects for captivating presentations in this easy-to-use package. Professional results are possible as Scala enables you to synchronise different media with a high degree of smoothness, speed and quality. Features include:

Scala HumanTouch interface
An intuitive interface designed exclusively for multimedia authoring.
Scala Wipes
More than 200 exceptionally fast screen effects make for stunning transitions.
Scala Shuffler
Gives you graphical thumbnail overview of the whole presentation.
File Shuffler
Image preview manager makes it easier to work with files than by using names.
Scala Sound with automatic audio processing.
Scala MultiMedia supports a wide range of sound cards for playing 8 or 16-bit sound samples and MIDI output. The Scala program comes with a built in sound mixer to combine CD audio, sampled audio, MIDI files and external audio sources.
Scala for Digital Video
Scala PB 100 supports industry standard MPEG decoder cards. This allows for fast and easy playback of digital video.
Scala Script
For advanced users, this language offers greater control over the Scala environment

Unlock your imagination

Some of the awards Scala Multimedia has already gained

Scala Awards

Scala Multimedia Product Pricing

Scala Products Price (inc.VAT) Carriage Total
Scala Multimedia MM200 199.99 10.00 209.99
Scala Publisher PB100 299.99 10.00 309.99
Scala support products      
EMC's Multimedia Backgrounds CD-ROM 34.99 1.50 36.49
EMC's Multimedia Music (gold) CD-ROM 34.99 1.50 36.49

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