EasyLedgers II

Professional Accounting software for Amiga.

EasyLedgers II organizes your records into computerized `books'. No complicated codes to learn, no account numbers to remember if you don't want to use them. You simply place accounts in the books.

.General Ledger:-

General Ledger has facilities for posting receipts, payments and journal entries. Automatically updated from the other books. Reports for journals, audit trail, trial balance, account histories, cashbook, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Company Performance Ratio.

.Debtors Ledger:-

Debtors Ledger using the open item or balance forward accounting. Invoice printing with pricing, tax, discounts and totalling. Manual overrides. Entry of hand-written invoices, credits, receipts and journal adjustments. Produces statements, address labels, sales analysis, aged balance lists, etc. Fully integrated with Ledger and Inventory.

.Creditors Ledger:-

Creditors Ledger using open item balance forward accounting methods. Enter supplier invoices, credits, payments and journal adjustments. Produces remittances, labels, balance lists, histories. Integrated with Ledger and Inventory.

.Stock Control and Inventory / Price Book:-

Stock Control and Price Book handles three price scales with auto price changing facilities. Stocktake results and track goods in/out. Integrated with other books. Reports for price list, re-ordering report, sales and valuation, movement history.

.Full Job Costing:-

Full Job Costing for Estimating and Quotation. Designed to suit the wide range of invoicing needs for service industries.

Opus Package Box -Recommended Retail price is AUS$299.00, (US$199.00)
Contact your local distributor for further details.


The current version of EasyLedgers II has been totally rewritten from earlier versions produced by Sybiz. It is now fully compatible with all Amiga operating systems from WB2.0 and above. Minimum configuration is Workbench 2.0, 2Mb memory and a hard drive. We offer an upgrade to any existing users of the older versions. The upgrade is $200.00 and is available ONLY from GPSoftware or SmallBiz software.

Download a demonstration version of EasyLedgers II here. (320K) ELSDemo.lha
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