Get Wired
A typical BBS session

These images show the sort of thing you would find on a typical BBS. You should not take them as being the sort of thing you would find on every BBS, because every one is different. For this feature, we have used the Metnet Bulletin Board in sunny Hull as an example. Coincidentally, this BBS is also the official BBS for Amiga Format. Metnet is on 01482 473871 or 01482 442251.

After dialling the number for Metnet, we are greeted with a welcome screen. Pressing the Escape key takes us on to the next screen...

...where we enter our name and password. If you are a new user, you have to enter your details so that the Sysop can verify who you are. The truth will out, so don't lie.

Once we have successfully logged on, we are taken to the bulletin menu.

Quitting out of the bulletin menu takes us into the main menu of Metnet.

Let's have a look at what's happening on Son Of Spong!, the Amiga Format BBS.

Let's send a message to Nick Veitch telling him what a fabulous magazine Amiga Format is.

Once we've flattered Nick by saying how good the mag is, we can toss him a fiendishly difficult Workbench question.

We've sent the message, so let's see what cool animations are available on Metnet.

Here's a list of the Metnet files, as you can see there's a wide and varied selection.

As we delve a bit further into Metnet we can find even more interesting things.

That's enough for one day. Let's log out. Here's the logout message from Metnet.

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